• Mobile + Web Engineering

    Quality, Speed, Reliability

    We solve custom web and mobile technology challenges for companies and agencies that need high quality engineering and instant bandwidth.

    We have delivered mission critical projects for IKEA, Redbull, Pearson, Toyota, Porsche, countless startups, and many of the top agencies in the world.

    Our model delivers reliable performance, speed, and quality through senior technical project management, experienced lead engineers, and load-balanced nodes of expert talent worldwide.

    Our engineerign teams specialize in back-end, API development and integrations, HTML5, Android, and iOS.

    Recent projects include iOS and Android apps for Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks and New York Rangers) with multiple API integrations for geo-fencing, ticketing, real time data, and high volume media delivery.

  • Software


    We develop software and apps for companies that have new product ideas.

    Through 10 years of testing and experience, we have learned how to design and build software fast and cost effectively.

    What makes Fabric different? Most app and software development firms are general contractors. If you tell them to build a thing, they will build the thing. We mix product design and engineering inside our F30 process and apply our principles to build the right thing.

    We’ve worked in media, education, publishing, entertainment, and automotive. Today, we focus on mobile health, wearables, and business software.

    Recent successes include mobile software for a health startup, apps for k12 education, business software, and product development for multiple startups.

    Ask us about F30 - software prototypes in 30 days



Featured Work


music focused Web App for artists and fans connects artists and fans to book live music outside of bars and clubs. We’re focused on advancing and improving the trend known as “house shows.” Our product is in beta, with active users and transactions.


Games and interactive for K-12 Platform

Tablets will be used as key learning tools by kids worldwide and Fabric’s team worked on the interactive content and games for Pearson’s new Common Core software platform for K12. Our product design and engineering teams worked on interactives for Math and English and our game designers are worked on connecting learning mechanics and pedagogy to engaging game play.

NY Knicks & Rangers

IOS & Android Apps

The all new Knicks & Rangers app gives fans instant access to exclusive team news, photo galleries and videos. Get live-scores pre and post game coverage, team and player stats, schedules and standings. This was a complex technical execution with multiple API integrations for geo-fencing, ticketing, real time data, and high volume media delivery.

Compass Health

Physician prescribed app for better health

Fabric is working with Compass Health - a startup focused on building customized recovery programs for patients delivered by physicians through mobile apps. We’re currently building a prototype for a small group of customers. (More details about this project can be shared under NDA.)



We Are Fabric

Our core team of product designers and engineers are based in Los Angeles, but our people are working from all over the world

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen


    Erlend is a software and startup fanatic from Norway. He started Fabric in 2001 and over time shifted it from a web design agency to a software development group. Erlend has worked with some of the most exciting companies on the planet over the past 10 years including IKEA, Redbull, Toyota, and Pearson. “ I’m really an entrepreneur at heart. I like building things. I’m committed to inventing good things for our kids future - so health, wearables, and education is important to me. ”

  • Clayton Kjos


    Clayton is a “make-betterer,” an editor and a critic who emphasizes pride in one’s work. He rocks Technology’s socks off, then on again all while taking your products to 11, because he can. His focus is on a system level with a passion for health and education. For over a decade, he’s been helping companies like Pearson, IKEA and Hachette deliver outstanding technical products.

  • Brian King

    Sr Software Developer

    Dazed and Confused most days (from the night before), Brian enjoys programming scalable solutions for new and unique applications. Starting out with programming insurance rating algorithms for some of the largest providers in the country, Brian learned the valuable lesson of accuracy and scalability when writing code. He's a bit stubborn when it comes to how he feels data should be managed, but that comes out of his want to always make sure applications are adding value to their owners and users.

  • Felix Montanez

    Director of Technology

    An avid gamer and music lover, Felix loves technology in all it’s glory. After 10 years in the military and in the trenches with mobile and web stacks, Felix loves to make really cool stuff with bleeding edge technology.

    In his former life, he developed several high profile second screen audio-synced applications that were used on major television broadcast networks across the globe.

  • Andrew Toy

    Front End Developer

    Andrew is a front end web developer born and raised in Los Angeles. He’s a problem solver at heart with a love for math and science.

    He is passionate about programming, web development, and brazilian jiu jitsu. For Andrew, there is nothing better than sitting at a dining table with friends and family.

  • Ray Martin

    UI Designer

    Ray is interested in designing simple and clean interfaces. At Fabric, he works with a few Start Ups and established companies with distinct users: from musicians and music lovers, to doctors and patients, to K-12 students and teachers — designing with usability in mind is what he solves each day.

    Other interests: Typography, Iconography, Branding, Transhumanism, Microbrew, Growing a superior beard, Weightlifting, Futbol



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